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Parish Council Documents


Budget for 2019-20 . This has been agreed by the Parish Council  adobe icon Budget 2019-20 [375kb]

Listed below are the Hordle Parish Council Policies:- Our policies are being updated and will be added to the website in due course. 

1    Standing Orders                               May 2018  adobe icon Standing Orders 18 [110kb]
2    Financial Regulations                      May 2018  adobe icon Financial Regulations 18 [36kb]
3    Risk Management Policy                 May 2018  adobe icon Risk Management Policy 18 [16kb]
4    Finance Risk Assessment and ManagementMay 2018  adobe icon Financial Risk Assessment 18 [25kb]
5    Physical Risk AssessmentMay 2018  adobe icon Physical Risk Assessment 18 [28kb]
6    Asset Management PlanMay 2018  adobe icon Asset Management Plan 18 [14kb]
7    Fixed Asset RegisterMay 2018  adobe icon Fixed asset register 18 [17kb]
8    Internal Audit ReviewJuly 2018  adobe icon Internal Audit Review Policy Jul 2018 [21kb]
9    Complaints ProcedureSept 2018  adobe icon Complaints Procedure 2018 [15kb]
10    News Media PolicySept 2018  adobe icon News Media Policy 2018 [12kb]
11    Freedom of InformationSept 2018  adobe icon Freedom of Information Act 2018 [12kb]
12    Health and Safety PolicyJuly 2018  adobe icon Health and Safety Policy Jul 2018 [32kb]
13    Recording & Social Media at meetings policyJuly 2018  adobe icon Recording and Social Media Policy Jul 2018 [17kb]
14     Code of ConductJuly 2018  adobe icon Code of Conduct Jul 2018 [12kb]
15    Ordinary Council MeetingsSept 2108  adobe icon Ordinary Council Meetings 2018 [15kb]
16    Co-option ProcedureJuly 2018  adobe icon Co-option Procedure Jul 2018 [13kb]
17    Publication ScheduleSept 2018  adobe icon Publication schedule 2018 [18kb]
18     Retention of Documents   
19    Community Engagement PolicyJuly 2018  adobe icon Community Engagement Policy July 18 [20kb]
20     Annual Leave Policy   
21     Sickness Absence Policy   
22     Pensions Discretions    
23     Disciplinary Procedure   
24     Grievance Procedure   
25     Business Continuity Feb 2018  adobe icon Business Continuity Policy Feb 2018 [16kb]
26     Reserves PolicyFeb 2018  adobe icon Reserves Policy 2018 [13kb]
27     Protocol for the death of a senior royalJan 2018  adobe icon Protocol for the death of a senior royal Jan 2018 [39kb]
28Grants policy and procedure / application form. Dec 2017  adobe icon Grant Application form 2018 [41kb]   adobe icon Grants Policy / Procedure Dec 2107 [40kb]
29GDPR Consent FormMay 2018  adobe icon GDPR Consent form May 2018 [34kb]
30GDPR Data inventoryMay 2018  adobe icon GDPR data inventory May 2018 [515kb]
31GDPR Data protectionMay 2018   adobe icon GDPR Data Protection May 2018 [42kb]
32GDPR Privacy Notice - generalMay 2018  adobe icon GDPR Privacy Notice - general May 2018 [44kb]
33GDPR Privacy Notice staff et alMay 2018  adobe icon GDPR Privacy notice staff May 2018 [44kb]


Please find below a copy of the Hordle Village Design statement

adobe icon Hordle Village Design Statement [5Mb]

Notice of Public Rights in relation to Audit to year end 31 March 2018     

adobe icon Agar report 2017-8 [3Mb]

Annual Monitoring Report for Community Infrastructure Levy 2016-7

CiL receipts                                                        £1123.20

CiL expenditure                                                   £0

Annual Monitoring Report for Community Infrastructure Levy 2017-8

CiL receipts                                                        £1682.40

CiL expenditure                                                  £0